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The son of a renowned scientist who studied insects and applied their biological systems to technology, Ben Colston was bitten by a previously-undiscovered species of wolf spider when he was six years old and nearly died from the venom. In a panic, Dr. Colston injected young Benjamin with an experimental antidote. While it saved his life, it also had a side-effect that shrank him down to the size of a spider.

Too small to go anywhere, Benny became a TV junkie and got obsessed with a cartoon called Queenslaw, featuring a team of Australian superheroes, and was inspired to become a superhero himself. His mother indulged him, building him an exoskeleton that granted him four extra arms, and together, they built the first skyrider to help him fly around.

Eventually, when he was 22 years old, his mother finally figured out how to undo the shrinking effects of her antidote, but Ben soon discovered that he was now able to grow and shrink at will. He used this talent to fight crime, and soon came to the attention of the Honor Guard, who offered him a spot on their team.


  • Advanced Armor
  • Advanced Technology
  • Advanced Weaponry




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