The content hosted on the Astro City Wiki was formerly hosted by the DC Comics Database. The decision to split Astro City into its own wiki was based on a number of reasons, but we maintain a close partnership with the DC Comics Database. The founders of the Astro City Wiki, Billy Arrowsmith and Midoki24, are both administrators on the DC Database. This blog post will serve to clarify the reasons for splitting and the ways that we will continue to partner with the DC Database.

  1. Astro City is a creator-owned franchise, and is more tied to Kurt Busiek than any individual publisher. Hosting Astro City content on a publisher wiki would lead to confusion, because Astro City has been published by both DC Comics and Image Comics. The Astro City comic books will still be hosted on those sites, because they have a better network of publication information. However, all character pages and other properties will be hosted on here. The three sites will link to each other where appropriate.
  2. The Astro City Wiki makes it easier to find content relating to Astro City, without having to sift through content about other franchises. The DC Database and the Image Database are both geared towards other franchises, so they cannot give Astro City the individual attention that the Astro City Wiki can. This is important in regards to site navigation and the Main Page.
  3. The Astro City Wiki improves SEO. Using this sitename gives us better google search results, and helps us compete with the other leading wiki on Astro City, Herocopia. The pagename rules on the DC Database also do not allow for good SEO titles, so hosting these pages on the Astro City Wiki makes them easier for new users to find.
  4. Rab can't give us any guff.
  5. The templates and image policies here are less complicated/restrictive than those over at the DC Database, allowing new users to edit more easily.
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