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Quote1 These oversized sardines need to be put back in the can! Quote2

Kitkat was the nimble partner of Leopardman.


A founding member of the Honor Guard, Kitkat was a dedicated member to the team even after Leopardman retired. She continued her career as Greymalkin and used a new costume to continue fighting crime. She was seen during the dark ages as well as one of the pole bearers for Supersonic's funeral. However, after participating in the golden age and the dark ages, Tabitha eventually retired from her super heroic career and became a sort of magician. Resigning to her mansion, she continues to practice magic to this day.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Acrobatics: Kitkat was on the same team as Leopardman and the Bouncing Beatnik and still made a name for herself even after both acrobatic heroes left the team. She clings to walls gracefully, bounces off heads and reacts with catlike reflexes.
  • Occultism: When Tabitha retired from her heroic career she began to practice magic. Described by Hummingbird as spooky, Tabitha's magic could detect that Hummingbird's physiology was being magically manipulated.


  • Kitkat's costume has changed noticeably over the years. During her early years she had a simple full body unitard with a cat cowl. Later she cut a keyhole into the chest area. After that she became Greymalkin and added a host of accessories to her outfit but later trimmed them down.


  • Tabitha has many, many cats.




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