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Street Angel was a street-level vigilante who first became active in Astro City in the 1960's. In the beginning of his career, he was known for cracking jokes and using "halos", projectiles with various gimmicks attached to them. He also occasionally partnered with Quarrel II.

In the 1970's, he partnered with the vigilante known as Black Velvet, aiding her in her quest for vengeance against the men who gave her powers. Under her dark influence, his methods became increasingly violent, leading to him severely injuring numerous criminals and killing seven.

After her death at the hands of Jitterjack, her hold over him was broken, and he was horrified by what he had done. Desperate to redeem himself, he turned himself into the police, but was cleared of all charges after it was determined that he wasn't in control of himself.

Still wracked with guilt, Street Angel, now reverting back to his birth name Ramon Vincenzo, dedicated his life to trying to stop kids from turning out like him by becoming a boxing instructor. His past caught up with him in 1984 when the Blue Knights figured out who he was and came to mete out punishment. Knights and Angel alike were then set upon by the Pale Horseman. In the ensuing confusion, Vincenzo managed to escape, but his conscience wouldn't allow him to let the Pale Horseman continue his killing spree, and when he got the opportunity, he ambushed the Horseman and managed to hurt him, but was killed by the Horseman.