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Carl Donewicz was a garden-variety street tough who volunteered for an experiment that turned him into a being of living metal in the hopes of making a name for himself as a supervillain. For a time, Carl ran as a member of the Terrifying Three, alongside his partners Cutlass and the original Quiver. After they were finally captured, Carl spent several years in prison.

After being released, Carl returned to his childhood neighborhood, fully intending to go legit and put his criminal past behind him. After several misadventures, he successfully opened a private investigator office and took up a more stable side job as the caretaker of the graveyard of the local church, where his mother is buried.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Steel skin: His DNA has been chemically altered, allowing his skin to incorporate iron into it, converting it to steel in the process. Even by super-being standards, he is highly durable. Like regular human skin, the outer layers of his steel skin decays and dies over time to be replaced by new metallic cells. It does heal when injured, but it is showing sign of rusting as he ages. So far there is no sign of a cellular return to a more normal human-like composition, but to maintain his health, he is taking iron supplements.

Supernatural creatures which are negatively affected by cold iron can be harmed by Steeljack's punches.

The metal in his skin makes using touchscreen interfaces difficult or impossible.

  • Superhuman Durability


  • Carl Donewicz's appearance and personality are based on famed actor Robert Mitchum.
  • His weight is based on a comment made to Ismiri. He claims to have weighed more earlier in his career.




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