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Quote1 I thought Starbright had to be an outsider. Another freak, who could sympathize with the freaks. But it wasn't like that. A straight white boy who saw hope for everyone got me to see -- that maybe there was hope after all. For everyone. Quote2
--Starbright (Simon Siezmanski)[src]

Chet Markham was known as Starbright during his heroic career. Growing up with a wealthy family, in a small town in Connecticut, Chet was a star quarterback of his high school's football team. When he wasn't at school, Chet became a hero called Starbright and defended his town and the greater area from all kinds of threats. As Starbright, Chet always chose to talk rather than to fight and tried to inspire hope rather than simply bash criminals.


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Powers and Abilities[]

  • Transformation: When Chet Markham desires he can become the energy hero known as Starbright. Wrapped in silver armor and composed of reddish, white energy.
  • Energy Projection: Starbright can burst powerful streams of energy from his hands.
  • Flight: Starbright can propel himself into the air and fly with a high level of control by directing his energy upwards.
  • Superhuman Strength: Starbright can lift heavy objects and several people at the same time. He's carried heavy weaponry, armored thugs, groups of several people, lifted machinery, moved cars and tore through buildings.
  • Superhuman Durability: Starbright can withstand a considerable amount of damage, energy even bounces off his armor. However, he is not invulnerable.


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