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The man named the Samaritan came from the 35th century in a world where the earth was dying and humanity faced extinction. To save the planet, that time's scientists came up with a plan: time travel, sending someone back in time to a specific event and change it to prevent the future. This man succeeded in his training and was chosen for the mission. After saying goodbye to his family, he was put through a time machine that sent him into the time stream. However, it also exposed him to the energy called the empyrean fire that changed him forever. After arriving in late 1985, he discovered he had gained incredible powers, including energy projection, flight, super strength, and dimensional travel. After a time in training, he was alerted of the event that would happen in 1986, the moment the space shuttle called the Challenger was supposed to be destroyed. Instead of the crew dying, he used his new powers to save their lives, changing the flow of time. When news reporters asked who he was, he simply called himself a good Samaritan. From that day on, he was known by that name and chose to stay in this time to ensure the world and the future was safe. He did return to the 35th century and yes, things did change for the better, but his family was gone; they never existed, while only he lived. Currently, Samaritan is a member of the Honor Guard and the patron superhero in Astro City. He pursues a romantic relationship with Winged Victory and saved the world a dozen times over, from the Living Nightmare to alien invasion.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Unique Physiology: Samaritan's body was forced through a field of energy called "empyrean fire". Because of this, he was afforded superhuman abilities. This energy is as ambient as time itself and sometimes affects Samaritan's body in different ways such as allowing him to visit the Closet.[1]
  • Energy Projection: Samaritan can project "empyrean" energy from his body. It appears in a manner of waves including blueish lightning, a weblike form and ambient energy.[2]
  • Flight: Samaritan flies at hypersonic speeds. It takes him mere seconds to travel around the world and even less time to travel short distances across towns or cities.[2][1]
  • Superhuman Strength: Samaritan can use his energy to supplement his strength, which allows him to lift and pull heavy objects or force himself to withstand the pressures of flying in and out of orbit.[2] It was alleged by Infidel that Samaritan has also 'fought his was back in' to reality after being cast from it.[3]
  • Superhuman Durability: Samaritan had been bombarded, blasted, and hit with a variety of different energies/attacks with none shown to have any lasting damage to him. He has been shown to have been injured by the Living Nightmare and his nemesis, Infidel, but neither has been capable of killing or seriously harming Samaritan. Samaritan was capable of surviving the complete destruction of reality, the only survivor of it besides reality's destroyer, Infidel. It was after this that Infidel realized he would never be able to beat Samaritan, nor would Samaritan be able to beat him. This implies that Samaritan's durability extends to a universal entity level, if not multiversal.[4]
  • Reality Warping: Samaritan is capable of warping reality on a universal scale, rebuilding it alongside Infidel following their battle which left it annihilated. He also appears to be immune, or have a high resistance to, alterations to time and reality.[5]
  • Dimensional Travel: Samaritan cannot teleport in the conventional fashion. Instead, if he relaxes completely, he can travel to a dimension called the Closet in which he stores various trophies and/or other objects.[2]

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  • Samaritan's hair was originally brown, got turned a bright blue by the empyrean energies he was exposed to, and is being bleached white for his civilian identity as Asa Martin (which may be also his birth name).[1]
  • Samaritan is also known as Big Red by some of his teammates.
  • Samaritan made a guest appearance in the non-Astro City comic book Shi/Cyblade: The Battle for Independents.

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