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Quote1 Okay, Q.L... Let's LAY DOWN THE LAW! Quote2
--Cap'n Cookaburra

Queenslaw was a cartoon that aired in Australia during the 1980's, but continued in re-runs for years afterwards. It starred a team of fictional superheroes called Queenslaw who protected Australia from crime and supervillainy. Each character represented a different state - the clawed brawler Cap'n Cookaburra of New South Wales; the gunslinger Territorian of the Northen Territory; the "num-chuk"-wielding Numbat of Western Australia; the reptilian bruiser Krokoite of Tasmania; the blonde speedster Goldrush; the amphibious Seadragon of Southern Australia; and the elastic Banana Bender of Queensland. They were overseen by Agent Bluebell, who operated out of the Australian Capitol Territory.

While the animation was crude, and the characters were little more than stereotypes, the show was hugely popular with Australians and was a personal source of inspiration for young Benny Colston, who spent much of his childhood stuck in front of the TV after an accident caused him to shrink down.

Sometime in the 2010's, a supposed real-life Queenslaw suddenly appeared and began fighting crime in Australia. Colston, who had gained size-changing abilites and had become the superhero Wolfspider, was intrigued and began following them, but soon discovered that their heroic actions were all staged; every time they stopped a robbery, one of the robbers would always get away with the bulk of the loot and then later pay Queenslaw a percentage. Further investigation revealed that the members of Queenslaw were actually criminals given superpowers by the villainous Professor Borzoi, who had disguised himself as Agent Bluebell.

With this knowledge, Wolfspider figured out how to deactivate their powers and strip them of the amulets that gave them powers. He briefly contemplated creating a new, more righteous Queenslaw using the amulets, but ultimately decided against it.