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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Acrobatics: Quarrel swings from building to building from a zip line projected from her launcher. She was agile enough to keep up with Crackerjack as well as use her athletics in combat.
  • Marksmanship: Quarrel is a sharpshooter and is extremely proficient with her projectile launcher.


  • Quarrel Armor: N.R.Gistics, Inc. created a performance enhancing suit of armor that not only protects Quarrel from bullets and damage but enables her better control over her ability to run, jump and fire.
  • Projectile Launcher: Quarrel wears a wrist-mounted blaster which fires various "quarrels" of different kinds such as knockout gas, acid and weighted impact arrows.


  • Jessica Taggart is dating Crackerjack.
  • Jessica Taggart once won the Astro City lottery for twenty seven million dollars.


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