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Quote1 That was how it started. And I found myself thinking, and not for the first time: 'How is it going to end?' Quote2
--Quarrel, "The Dimming Of The Day"

Quarrel was a superhero in Astro City whose true identity is that of Jessica Taggart. She was known for using wrist launched arrow bolt devices developed by her father Mack Taggart who was the original Quarrel. She first appeared in Image Comics' Homage Studios publication Astro City #1 in 1995. Quarrel was created by Kurt Busiek, Brent Anderson, and Alex Ross.


Jessica Taggart was born in eastern Kentucky the eldest child of Arla and Mack Taggart. She grew up very close to her father who trained her and her three brothers in firearms, combat and gymnastics. She believed her dad to be a simple mailman unaware that he was actually a super villain who led the group known as "The Terrifying Three". Upon discovering his criminal activities she essentially disowned him. While her father was in and out of prison Jessica adopted his name and equipment to become a super villain bounty hunter in order to support her family. Her work got her the attention of the Honor Guard and she accepted an invitation to become a member. During this time she began an on-again-off-again romantic relationship with the crime fighter Crackerjack. She also briefly dated M.P.H. a fellow Honor Guard member. On a particular adventure she won the lottery and became a multimillionaire. Her many years of service with the Honor Gaurd took its toll on her body when she reached middle age. As her combat abilities and reflexes declined she began using advanced power armor to compensate. However she was uncomfortable relying on such technology and fearful it made her more of a liability. Quarrel and Crackerjack attended Black Rapier's retirement party at Butler's which made her question how long she could continue adventuring. This weighed even more on her conscience when Crackerjack was critically injured while attempting to infiltrate the Black Lab. Shaken by her lover's condition and her own uncertain future she finally reconnected with her father who was at an old age home in Georgia. After a conversation with him and much soul searching she officially turned in her resignation to the Honor Guard and retired as a crime fighter. She decided to move on to new challenges the first of which was to take care of and help rehabilitate Crackerjack.


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