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Quote1 The Emerald City. The capital city of the land of Oz, where nobody dies, and you can have tea with wise scarecrows -- and go on adventures with woggle-bugs and wind-up men. It was magic. It was wonderful. Quote2
--Mock Turtle[src]


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Powers and Abilities[]

  • Mechanical Engineering


  • Mock Turtle Armor
  • Enhanced Senses: Mock Turtle has on-board computers, scanners and devices that give him additional information for all his battles.
  • Life Support: Mock Turtle can survive in difficult situations for humans including underwater and around tornadoes.
  • Turtle Shell: Mock Turtle had a hard shell which protected him from most damage including firearms, energy attacks and explosions.
  • Jetpack: Mock Turtle can fly and has great maneuverability. He can also use the jets to propel himself underwater.
  • Energy Gauntlets: Mock Turtle can fire energy projectiles from his wrist gauntlets.


  • Mock Turtle fought alongside various famous British villains as well as fought against famous British heroes. Some of these villains include the Headmaster of Crime, Aunt Acid, the Toff, and Clever Dick. The heroes were Larkspur, Popstar, and the Lion and the Unicorn.


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