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A bright hero with a strong past, Mirage is the hero of Las Vegas. A hero fitting the energetic and cosmic nature of the city of lights.


Also known as Aaron Barzun, Mirage is a member of the Honor Guard. He was seen defending Las Vegas from the Dynamoids alongside Hellhound. They were eventually aided by the Silver Agent and once the battle had died down, Aaron followed the Agent and tried to get him to reconsider traveling back through time which would result in his death. Later, Mirage was seen alongside Point Man when Vivi Viktor attacked Los Alamos, New Mexico with her Cyberwings. At some point, Mirage was kidnapped by Krigari and finally rescued alongside his other captured teammates by Mermaid.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Energy Projection: Mirage can fire bright, neon colored beams from his hands and fingertips. They range from a single color to a rainbow of hues.
  • Intangibility: Mirage can turn himself and the disc that he flies on intangible.  


  • Mirage's Platform: Mirage cannot fly under his own power, but he has a round platform that he can ride to maneuver through the air.


  • There may have been an earlier incarnation of Mirage as one was seen in the 1960s, yet Aaron is a relatively young man in the 80s.
  • Evidence to this is when neither Aaron nor Silver Agent recognized each other during the Dark Age, although they had been together on the Honor Guard for years prior.


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