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An old member of the Honor Guard, Mermaid is an often overlooked, aquatic hero. In her prime she even rescued the entire Honor Guard from an alien invader. Little is known about her outside of her public adventures with the group.


A member of the Oceanian race, Mermaid joined Honor Guard in the 1970's.

In the 1980's, she battled the nautical villain Mister Manta. During the battle, she accidentally damaged his flight harness and caused him to fall into the ocean. To proud to accept her help, he ended up being caught in a wave and was washed far away.

In the 2010's, she and her people emerged from seclusion to rescue the cruise ship Scandinavian Star from Skinner Bones and his Plunder Crew. During the battle, Mister Manta reappeared, having survived and spent the past three decades trying to build a flight harness to try and steal a ship. He had intended to capture the Star in her weakened state, but between the Plunder Crew and the Oceanians, he realized this would be impossible, and instead focused on fighting the Plunder Crew, which caused the Star's passengers to mistake him for a hero. After the battle, Mermaid offered to take him back to civilization, but after thirty years of solitude, he found the noise from the battle unbearable and thus fled.

No longer in her prime, Mermaid has been contemplating stepping down and letting one of her young charges take her place in Honor Guard.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Unique Physiology: Mermaid has green hair, light green skin, turquoise eyes and webbed fingers.




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