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Quote1 O-Okay. I'm Marguerite Li. I'm a videogame designer. I used to work for pixelpac, in San Francisco. But... I had this dream... Quote2
--Marguerite Li[src]

Marguerite Li was a young video game developer who had an incredible idea for a game. While creating her game she was attacked by the Unbodied who used her ideas as a basis for monsters to attack Astro City. However, Marguerite had created a hero in her game as well. American Chibi unconsciously appeared to fight the monsters created by Maguerite's nightmares. When the time had come for American Chibi and the monsters to vanish, all that was left were two magic scrunchies.


Marguerite Li is a video game designer who was based in San Francisco. Working for a company called Pixelpac, Marguerite had begun developing a new game with fantastic ideas. However, she felt her designs should come to fruition on their own and not through the prodding of a company's development cycle so she left and came to live in Astro City where her game could be inspired by the local heroes.

Through unknown means, Marguerite's dreams and nightmares began to appear in Astro City. At first it was simply the hero American Chibi who was seen fighting villains alongside Samaritan, but eventually villains like the Technosaurus Rex and Uberfrog were appearing throughout the city. Honor Guard was eventually dispatched to deal with these monsters but when they were defeated they simply vanished. American Chibi appeared and led the Guardsmen to the home of Marguerite Li and had her explain what might be happening.

Marguerite Li explained to the Honor Guard that it had become apparent that her nightmares were becoming reality and there had to be a way to stop them. She attempted to destroy her video game files but Samaritan stopped her, as it would only unleash the monsters unchecked. Cleopatra understood that the reason Marguerite's dreams were becoming real was because of a villain called the Unbodied. It had stolen her files, her dreams and her nightmares and used them as fuel for a ritualistic destruction of Astro City. Assemblyman created a gateway into Marguerite's fantasy shortly after and used it to bridge the gap between this world and the game world. Led by American Chibi, the adorably shrunken heroes of the Honor Guard attacked He Who Lies Buried, the King-in-Chains, and defeated the Unbodied once and for all. However, American Chibi had to stay behind in the game world just like all the villains. When the Honor Guard came back to reality they explained to Marguerite Li that the challenge was met and American Chibi would forever stay a simple video game fantasy of her creator.

American Chibi's legacy would not be forgotten so easily. A leftover was found in Marguerite's drawers: two American flag themed magical scrunchies, the same that gave American Chibi her powers, and when Marguerite put them on she found that she had the powers of American Chibi. Flying through Astro City, Marguerite decided that she would finish her game and become the hero she truly wanted to be.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Unique Physiology: When Marguerite puts on her magic scrunchies she becomes a true American hero. Gaining long silver hair and powerful eyes, Marguerite is placed in her uniform and granted the powers of her fantasy.
  • Flight: Marguerite can fly after becoming a hero, taking off into the skies and leaving a trail of red, white and blue.


  • Magical Scrunchies: Marguerite Li has obtained the magical hair scrunchies of American Chibi which give her the powers of her fantasy.




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