Karnazon was a supervillain, one of the main foes of Winged Victory and the former leader of the Iron Legion.

Originally a bog-standard megalomaniac who tried to rob Fort Knox and take over small countries, his repeated defeats at the hands of Winged Victory caused him to become fixated on her. He became obsessed with proving his innate superiority over her, and the superiority of men over women, and to this end, his Iron Legion increasingly became focused on crimes against women, seeking to bait Winged Victory into combat with him.

This all came to a boil when Karnazon hired a group of Winged Victory's enemies, including Maneater, Jagged Jill, and Warmaiden to claim that Victory herself had trained them at her Samothrace compound and hired them to stage easily-thwarted crimes so that Winged Victory could raise her profile.

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