Jack-in-the-Box is a superhero living in Astro City created by Kurt Busiek, Brent Anderson, and Alex Ross. He first appeared in Image Comics' Homage Studios publication Astro City #3 in 1995. There have been three different versions of the character, each taking over directly after the other. The original Jack-in-the-Box was Jack Johnson, a father who sought to right a wrong in his neighborhood. Zachary Johnson is the son of the original and the longest running of the three. Roscoe James was a fan of Zachary Johnson and was asked to take over so Zachary could start a family.


Original (1995)Edit

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Intermediate (1995-1997)Edit

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Successor (1997-Present)Edit

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Kurt Busiek claims that Jack-in-the-Box is primarily inspired by Spider-Man, due to his status as a wisecracking street-level vigilante, with his first appearance having been based on a rejected pitch for a Spider-Man story. However, he also has aspects of many other Steve Ditko characters, such as The Creeper, Killjoy, or Odd Man, who boasted similarly unnerving "clown" motifs.

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