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Hummingbird was one of the members of the Honor Guard. She was with the team in the 1960s and 1970s but eventually retired and left the role to her daughter, Hummingbird II.


Barbara Hammacher was a hero known as the Hummingbird, equipped with her buzz-ray and flight suit. She was adventuring in Eastern Europe when she met a man fleeing from a group of leopardmen. Believing it to be related to her previous battle, she rescued the man. Unknowingly, she put herself between the minions of Jabaja and the last survivor of a group of followers of Peruvian gods. Together with the Honor Guard, Hummingbird traveled to Peru and sealed the god in a black gem. After the battle, Barbara and Deven got together and made Amanda. Deven's people decided to leave to another dimension for safety but as they left the gods reached out to Barbara and imbued their gifts onto Amanda, her unborn daughter. Upon Amanda's birth, Barbara quit being the Hummingbird to raise her daughter in Ohio. Raising her daughter around her heroic friends, Amanda knew what she wanted to do when she realized she had powers at the age of 12. Barbara had many long talks with her daughter about her decision but her mind was made up. Barbara helped train her daughter and let her become the new Hummingbird.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Markmanship: Whether it's with her gun or her hands, Hummingbird has shown proficient use in her weaponry.


  • Flight Suit: Hummingbird has a flight suit which is a harness that makes up the top part of her costume and includes a pair of rapidly moving wings.
  • Buzz-Ray: Hummingbird has a handheld gun which fires energy blasts. She later adapted this ability to simply fire from her gloves.




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