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The second Hummingbird to have joined the Honor Guard, this Hummingbird is the daughter of the original.


Bright and enthusiastic, Hummingbird did her research before joining the group. Making a name for herself during the Torori invasion and making fast friends with the modern incarnation. She was later seen with the Guard defeating the Khyborgs and again later to help Quarrel rescue Crackerjack.

However, Amanda was a baby born into the Honor Guard family. Growing up in Ohio, Amanda made frequent trips to the Honor Guard Headquarters where she spent a lot of time with her aunts, Quarrel, Mermaid, Beautie and Cleopatra. She trained with the Honor Guard after her powers appeared in her early teens. After a meeting with the original Cleopatra, Amanda's mother asked her if she really wanted to become a super hero. She did and with that she fought her first villain, the Strawman. But her powers still continued to grow. Her mother took her to Starwoman where she would train in space, increasing her speed and skill further. Going through life as a teenager and a teen hero was tough but with her mother's support and the guidance of her aunts she was able to handle it. That was until she started to notice physical changes to her growing powers. Taken to Tabitha Grey, Amanda learned that her powers were continuously growing and changing her into a bird. Taking Assemblyman's portal to Peru, where she was conceived. Together with the women allies of the Honor Guard, Hummingbird took on the evil god corrupting her gifts and after defeating him and reuniting her mother with her lost father, Hummingbird accepted her gifts for what they were and refused to back down from the challenge of a lifetime.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Unique Physiology: Hummingbird is blessed by ancient gods and cursed by another. As such her physiology is always changing. Her bones are hollow, her eyes are black and by prophecy she is supposed to have claws.
  • Enhanced Vision: Her black eyes give her the ability to see things much further than regular humans.
  • Enhanced Speed: Hummingbird's speed and reflexes have been enhanced to the point where she can control her speed in the air and during combat.
  • Hypersonic Hum: Hummingbird can fire a kind of energy from a sphere surrounding her head. It has been stated that this power might be vibratory in nature. She can also fire this energy from her hands.
  • Flight: Hummingbird can fly under her own power, it is aided by the wings on her back and controlled by them.




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