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The most prominent superhero team in the world Honor Guard consisted of the greatest champions in the decades it has existed. Founded in 1959 by Max O Millions the team has grown in number and changed in roster in the decades that has followed. This team of heroes has save the world many times over from terrorists, super villains, alien threats and other dimensional evils. In the year 2017 the roster consists of the following.


  • Gentleman: Gentleman is a longtime ally of the Honor Guard. Appearing with the group in Astro City in its early days he's been seen assisting them even through until the modern incarnation. (Superman / Captain Marvel (SHAZAM) version)
  • Winged Victory: Winged Victory is often mistaken as a member of the Honor Guard. A constant ally, Winged Victory often adventures with her lover Samaritan. (Wonder Woman version)
  • Confessor (Brian Kinney): The second Confessor has helped both Winged Victory and Samaritan on their adventures and has shown to be more social than his previous incarnation. (Batman version)
  • Bouncing Beatnik: Bouncing Beatnik first appeared with the group when it originally appeared.
  • Old Soldier: Old Soldier also appeared with the group when it originally appeared. It was through the Old Soldier's intervention that the team was able to succeed.


  • Legions of Midnight
  • Menagerie Gang


  • The Honor Guard has a floating base which moves to different places each month.
  • Members of the Honor Guard are known as Honor Guardsmen.


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