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The First Family is a family of space explorers and adventurers who are made up of Augustus and Julius, Nick and Natalie, Rex and Astra as well as Sasha and Karl. Together they fight interdimensional monsters, invent technology and study threats that no normal family could contain.

Raised in St Paul, MN, scientist Augustus Furst and his brother Julius traveled the world, seeking knowledge and adventure[1]. In 1954 they fought Kratorr the Invincible[2]. Augustus met a woman named Nadia in Yugoslavia, who had been exposed to alien radiation. She became his third wife, but she left him for Kaspian, prince of the Beast-Men. However, by 1961, she was missing and Kaspian was in jail, and the Furst brothers were asked to take care of Nick & Natalie, Nadia's children by Kaspian, who were showing powers from the radiation. Augustus adopted the children, and the team the First Family was born[3].

In 1979, Natalie Furst married Rex Majestros, the son of Madame Majestrix, the ruler of Monstro City and one of the team's enemies. In 1986, they had their first child, Astra[4].


  • Mr. Smartie
  • Uranium: fishlike pet of Astra Furst
  • Darcy Conroy


  • Derelikt: One of the First Family's enemies is Derelikt, a space traveling villain who has had run-ins with the family in the past. Nothing is known about him other than the First Family's accounts of his actions.
  • Gorilla Swarm
  • Kaspian: The Prince of the Beastmen, biological father of Nick and Natalie, and grandfather of Sasha and Karl.
  • Kratorr: humanoid made of Moon rock
  • Volcanus
  • Madame Majestrix: ruler of Monstro City
  • Praetor
  • Silver Brain: scientist converted to living mental energy who tries to take over the minds of the world
    • Anti-Bodies: energy creatures controlled by the Silver Brain
  • Insectra: Little is known about Insectra.
  • Ugly Max: Another one of the First Family's enemies is Ugly Max.
  • Unholy Alliance: super-villain alliance
  • Worst Family: villainous doppelgangers of the team, from another universe


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