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Dr. Norton Ganss was a mad scientist active in the 1960's and into the mid-1980's. In the 1960's, when he was still affiliated with Pyramid, he created the Dynamoids as foot soldiers for the organization.

When the Sekhmet Stone was captured in the 1970's, he went into business for himself, aided by funding from Jason Aubrey. During this period, he turned Carl Doniewicz into Steeljack.

In 1984, having relocated to Las Vegas and facing increasingly hard times, Dr. Ganss agreed to build another army of Dynamoids for the Iron Colonel. His use of homeless men to create the Dynamoids drew the attention of local hero Mirage, who called in his old ally Hellhound for help, and Ganss was forced to deploy the Dynamoids to try and lead the two heroes away from him.

While he was struggling to maintain control of the Dynamoids, Ganss was approached by Jason Aubrey, who was being hunted by Royal and Charles Williams and demanded that Ganss give him superpowers as repayment for the money he had provided over the years. Ganss reluctantly agreed, and used his morphic cradle to connect Aubrey to the mysterious dark energy that had been spreading over the world since the Innocent Gun shooting in the late 70's. The resulting efforts turned Aubrey into Lord Sovereign, but his powers were unstable and when the Williams brothers shot at the controls for the morphic cradle, the feedback to the Dynamoids caused them to flood back into Ganss' lair. In the ensuing collapse, Ganss was killed, crushed under falling rubble.