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Cutlass is a former supervillain, the leader of the Terrifying Three, and the lover of Steeljack.

A criminal from the City of Uld, which is apparently in an alternate dimension in the Hindu Kush, she fled to Astro City and became a pirate-themed criminal, using a pair of gauntlets capable of cutting through steel. Together with Steeljack and the original Quarrel, she led the Terrifying Three, a short-lived outfit that collapsed after Steeljack bungled a major job.

Later, she took the money she had saved from her criminal career and relocated to Arizona, where she founded a successful real-estate business.

However, she was forced to return to Astro City when someone began pulling jobs using facsimiles of her gauntlets. She hired Steeljack, who had since become a private eye, to help clear her name, and together, they discovered that she was the latest in a string of frame-ups involving retired villains whose hardware was being duplicated by the Fixit Man. This in turn led them to Jared Everall, an obsessive collector of supervillain hardware who was using the subsequent deaths of supervillains to get their old costumes and gear. The two managed to thwart Everall's plans, but Everall himself was killed, and in the confusion, Cutlass fled the scene, leaving Steeljack to get arrested for apparent manslaughter.

Cutlass materialized a few weeks later at Steeljack's trial, where she presented proof of Everall's crimes and cleared Steeljack's name. Shortly afterwards, they decided to make another attempt at a relationship.