Quote1 -- it was like a dream. I was there. I was really there. Seeing the buildings rising up around me, higher and higher... Quote2
--Confessor (Brian Kinney)[src]

Coming to Astro City as a young man, Brian Kinney came to start a new life in the big, heroic city. Early in his time there he was spotted by the Confessor (Jeremiah Parrish) and asked to become his apprentice. Taking up the mantle of Altar Boy, he learned about the city from the inside out. Discovering Confessor's secret, Altar Boy was with Confessor when he revealed that aliens were trying take over the world. In the ensuing battle Confessor was killed and Altar Boy decided to take up his mantle and continue his crusade for justice.


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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Martial Arts: Brian studied martial arts from a young age back in his home town. He used these skills before he was Altar Boy to defend himself from bullies. His skills are what got him noticed by the Confessor and his skills are what he trained after Confessor was gone.
  • Investigation: Brian has always had an analytic mind and he used this to find out Confessor's secret and to solve crimes even before Confessor's death.




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