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Quote1 Didn't your mother ever tell you it's not nice to rob banks? Quote2

Beautie is a gynoid modeled after a child's doll. Created as a playmate, Beautie was disposed of when she was discovered. Waking up in Astro City, Beautie decided to fight against injustice so no one would be simply tossed away ever again.


Beautie is the creation of a young girl named Elaine Girbachs. Elaine was the daughter of a super villain named Dr. Gearbox. Elaine created Beautie in order to have a mother figure in her life as well as someone to play with and take care of her and her father. However, upon learning of Beautie, Dr. Gearbox forced Elaine to get rid of her so Elaine erased her memory and sent her away.

Beautie woke up in Astro City and heard screams coming from a local bank. She rescued a woman and stopped a bank robbery and the newspapers called her a hero. Deciding that she would like to learn more about fashion, people and to sate her need to help others she donned a costume and took to the streets as Beautie, the beautiful heroine.

Her adventures eventually caught the attention of the Honor Guard and after rescuing herself and defeating the villainous Toymaker she was recruited into their ranks and remains an active member to this day. At one point, Beautie stopped the bigot group Lawmen from disrupting a gay rights parade in Astro City; because of her actions that day she was crowned a favorite among the gay community in Astro City.

Beautie, upon recovering her memories and learning of her origins, decided to stay in Astro City as well as on the Honor Guard in order to continue her duty despite her creator disowning her. She found purpose in her work and enjoys window shopping in between criminal alerts.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Unique Physiology: Beautie was created using parts and design from the villainous, Dr. Gearbox. However, it was his daughter Elaine Girbachs who had actually created her. She used her father's designs and enhanced them to create a life-sized version of her favorite doll. As an android, Beautie's physical body can be rebuilt after being destroyed.
  • Superhuman Strength: Beautie can lift, throw and push objects much heavier and larger than her.
  • Superhuman Durability: Beautie's skin is a "ferro-styrene" compound which is impervious to conventional damage. It also makes her skin very rigid and firm.
  • Enhanced Hearing: Beautie can hear distant noises than others cannot as well as locate it's origin.
  • Flight: Beautie can fly on earth as well as in space, often while dodging attacks.
  • Self-Sustenance: As an android, Beautie does not need to breathe or eat.
  • Business Management: Beautie is a corporate sponsor and spokeswoman for her line of Beautie Dolls and has used her success to buy herself many different outfits because she has no other use for money.


  • Beautie's design was chosen to model after the popular Barbie dolls.


  • Beautie once broke up a fight during the Astro City Gay Freedom March, it led to the gay community to adopt her as their favorite hero.[1]
  • Beautie was modeled after the dolls made by a company called Tip-Top Toys.
  • Beautie has been destroyed twice over and has been rebuilt successfully.


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