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Quote1 We've got to move -- NOW! Maneuver epsilon-seven! Quote2
--Augustus Furst[src]


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Augustus First lives with the rest of his family in a state-of-the-art compound on Mount Kirby, near Astro City.

Augustus Furst grew up in St Paul, Minneapolis with his brother Julius[1]. In adulthood, the two became science-adventurers who traveled the world in search of knowledge and excitement. He has been married four times. He met his third wife, Nadia, while helping her recover from exposure to alien radiation. Within two years of their marriage, Nadia had left him for Prince Kaspian, the prince of a lost tribe of animal-men. But, by 1961, the prince was in jail, Nadia was missing, and her two children, Nick & Natalie, were demonstrating strange powers and were left with Augustus to help them. This was the beginning of the super hero team, the First Family[2].

In 2022, Samaritan regarded Augustus as lost, "whether he knows it or not"[3].

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Science: Augustus Furst is a brilliant scientist who's experiments lead him on innumerable adventures. He invented the First Family's suits, their base of operations, Julius' gun and many other astounding inventions.
  • Leadership: Augustus Furst is the leader of the First Family, he has them train, learn and assist him on both adventures and inventions.


  • Augustus and his brother Julius are said to be in their 50s.
  • Augustus is affectionately known as Gus to his family and Granddad to his granddaughter Astra. He is also known as Dr. Furst.




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