The Irregulars are a team of young outcasts who have protected Astro City on and off since the 1970's. Originally founded by Bravo, its first roster included Bravo, Alligator, Skitter, Switchblade, and Umbra. After its first case, the team was joined by Orphan.

The team experienced a lot of turnover as its members grew up or quit, and by the 1990's, an entirely new roster, led by Juice, was patrolling the streets, occasionally teaming up with some of the more established heroes like Jack-In-The-Box and the First Family. At some point, the second Golden Gloves was steered toward the team by Bravo, who had since become a police officer. This team eventually faltered and was disbanded sometime in the 2010's.

More recently, Golden Gloves has mentioned to Steeljack that she was interested in starting a new incarnation of the team.

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