Astro City is the central location of the series Kurt Busiek's Astro City. It is a huge American metropolis populated with a large number of costumed heroes and villains. The adventures of these characters make up most of the series' plots.


Originally known as Romeyn Falls, Astro City was renamed to its new name after the Astro-Naut sacrificed himself to save the entire city.

In this city, most of it's citizens and lawmakers understand that the heroes are necessary even if sometimes unwanted. They live every day under the protection of their heroes and sometimes cast out those that are unwanted. They've gone through a Dark Age in the 80s, they're home to many heroic groups and tend to be happy with their heroes. They've built statues, towers and left popular locations like the Grandenetti Cathedral and Mount Kirby under city government protection as they're known to be host homes to heroes.

Astro City is the site of major heroic change and has been the hallmark of American superheroes for the last 50 years. Many heroes live and work in the city, while some come through simply for a visit, or to spend time.


  • Honor Guard: The Honor Guard are an international group of heroes that was originally based in Astro City.
  • First Family: The First Family live on Mount Kirby at the First Family Headquarters.
  • All-American: The All-American began and ended his career in Astro City.
  • Slugger: Slugger, the All-American's sidekick, also started and ended his career in Astro City.
  • Hanged Man: The Hanged Man protects Shadow Hill with an eerie shroud. He never leaves and the city is always protected from any and all attackers.
  • Silver Agent: Known as the original mascot of the city prior to the Samaritan, the Silver Agent makes his home in Astro City before dying and becoming something else entirely.


  • Living Nightmare: The Living Nightmare made his home in Astro City, always coming back to protect or destroy it.
  • Doctor Deezer: A criminal scientist of Astro City's past.[citation needed]
  • Brass Monkey: A janitor turned super villain when he had his mind switched into a brass monkey statue and began a crime spree.
  • Donnelly Ferguson: A former villain turned crime broker.
  • Steeljack: A former villain turned civilian after a stint in jail.

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  • Astro City was known as "Romeyn Falls" before the Astro-Naut saved the burgeoning down from destruction. After the event the town rechristened itself as "Astro City."
  • When Astro City was known as "Romeyn Falls" it was home to a hero by the name of "Hawk of the Alleyways," a mostly unknown hero who came shortly after the arrival of Air Ace.
  • Other heroes came to be known around this time as well including a trapper named Johnny Lightfoot, a Native American named Palomino, and a young cowboy named Lightning Kid. [1]
  • Astro City is also known as the "City of Heroes," the "Sentinel City" and the "City of Wonders."
  • Citizens of Astro City are known as "Astro Citizens."
  • Costumed criminals in Astro City are known as "Black Masks."


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