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Quote1 Maybe I don't know about games, and I don't know about sleepovers and TV shows -- but I do know about energy. Quote2
--Astra Furst[src]


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Powers and Abilities[]

  • Energy Form: Astra is the child of an alien and a woman with energy powers herself. As such, she can transform parts or all of her body into reddish yellow energy which allows her to fly and fire energy blasts. While in this form she cannot be touched physically but she is not intangible.
  • Flight: Astra, while in her energy form, can soar into the sky. She has masterful control over this flight and can change direction on a dime.
  • Energy Projection: Astra can fire powerful, disrupting energy blasts from her hands. She has such control over her energy that she can control or distort ambient energy.


  • Astra says that she is ten years old as of Astro City (Volume 2) #2, which makes her birth year 1986 since the stories take place in real time.


  • Astra has an alien pet named Uranium.
  • Astra's full name is Astra Jeannine Majestros-Furst.


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