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Assemblyman is one of the members of the Honor Guard who recently joined in the fight to save a HumanoGlobal employee who had stumbled upon a Skullcrusher base in Ecuador.


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Powers and Abilities[]

  • Mechanokinesis: Assemblyman has a large amount of technology he travels with. Using these as well as ambient technology in the area he's able to tear apart and rearrange solid mechanical mass into something else such as when he tore open a hole in the side of a mountain to reveal the hidden base within it.


  • Assemblyman's Gear: Assemblyman has a few personal gadgets to assist him including goggles and armor.
  • Assemblyman's Base: Assemblyman has a personal pad with guardrails attached which he uses to fly and support himself.


  • Although not fully named yet, he is given the name Ken.


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