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Quote1 He's after me! Jimmy squealed -- he's tryin' to bring me in -- ! ... I just said that to get away from the guys, but then it hit me -- what if I was right? What if he is after me? Quote2
--Andrew Eisenstein[src]

A small time criminal, Eyes Eisenstein tried to make a name for himself in Astro City but was too anxious to get the job done. Trying to collect himself in an alley, he noticed Jack-in-the-Box changing into his civilian identity.


After a failed robbery attempt, Eyes Eisenstein fled into an alleyway to escape the police. Nicknamed for his poor eyesight, Eyes failed to notice the cops coming for his fellow thieves but he did see Jack-in-the-Box from a vantage point. Jack was changing back into his civilian identity and Eyes saw his face. By chance the next day, Eyes met Tamra Dixon, Zachary Johnson's, girlfriend who mentioned Zach's name. Now knowing his face and his identity Eyes had to decided whether he should out the hero or if the hero would come for him first. Driven to wit's end about his decision he decided it would be best if he left the city and departed on a bus to Anchorage.


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