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Quote1 By then, however, the masked hero called Air Ace had emerged... he, and others like him. And I saw in them a hope... a hope that it was possible to have secrets, to mask one's true nature... and yet still to walk among men. Quote2


Air Ace is the first super-powered hero to appear before the public and introduce the idea of a super hero. Air Ace was a WWI soldier and fighter pilot who was given the power of flight through an experimental gas explosion. Coming home to a beleaguered city, he takes up the mantle of Air Ace and makes history.[1]

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Flight: Air Ace can fly through the skies under his own ability. He can travel as fast as and sometimes faster than speeding cars and doesn't seem to be held back by things like weather or heavy gear.
  • Aviation: Air Ace was a former fighter pilot in World War I who was known for his fantastic dog fighting skills.
  • Marksmanship: Air Ace is able to fire his pistols at targets much further away from him as well as do so while flying.




  • Astro Fact: Including silents, Saturday-afternoon serials and A-list features, Air Ace has been the subject of 32 motion pictures, and consulted on the first few himself![citation needed]


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